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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Hi again!

Let's talk about make-up. Personally i love make-up stuff. And i will probably make a post about eye shadows and mascara and all that. But now, i'd like to stick to foundation, powder, concealer.. you get it.

These are the products i use on a regular basis:

Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Foundation
Sephora Face Powder
Garnier BB Cream
Elmiplant Skin Control
Radiant Luminesse Pre-make-up Base
Sephora Smoothing Primer
Benefit Erase Paste
Benefit Powderflage
Artdeco Face Translucent Powder

Now, the Givenchy Photo'Perfexion does what it really says: covers all the potential pimples, marks and scars beautifully. It gives the impression of flawless skin. Yes, it is better than any other BB cream - after all, it is a foundation product!

I like to use the Sephora face powder in summer, because i get tanned and it looks more natural. in winter i use the Artdeco Face Translucent Powder. Due to being white, if you use too much you'll end up looking like a ghost - a little goes a long way here. Both of them are light-weight and don't give the impression of "flour" on your face.

I use the Garnier BB Cream especially in summer, along with the Sephora powder. I prefer not having a lot of make-up on with all that sun and extremely hot weather. I have tested a few BB creams (will probably make a post about this too) and i've chosen the Garnier one for daily use, due to its texture. I like it because it's creamy and it does a good job on the coverage side.

I only use the Elmiplant Skin Control when some pimples start to form. It helps a lot and in three days you're pimple-free again! It's a product made especially for ages 20 to 25 (they have a wide range of products and this cream is available for ages 25 to 55 as well!).

I think i use the Radiant Luminesse Pre-make-up Base daily. I do have a bit of rosacea on my nose and it spreads towards the upper side of my cheeks, therefore using a green primer is a must! I found Radiant to be of good quality, quite cheap (about 7 dollars i think) and a little goes a long way. Very happy with it.

The Sephora Smoothing Primer comes in handy when i use the foundation. It has a matte texture, looks natural and blends in with the foundation perfectly. This smoothing primer and the Givenchy foundation are my go-to duo when in desperate need!

Everybody who has tried the Benefit cosmetics will probably say that they're the best. Good quality, even though a bit expensive, but definitely worth it. I use the Erase Paste for the dark circles under my eyes and even on my eyelids instead of primer sometimes (gives a natural look). I also put a bit of products on both sides of my nose, so it makes my face look.. shinier? Well, it "opens up" so to speak, you get the point :) The Benefit Powderflage is the next step after the Erase Paste. This sets all in place, and can be applied even after your normal face powder.

This pretty much sums it up. Do you have any favourite products?

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